"Set in idyllic suburbia..."
As a big fan of Bangladeshi food, you can say I've developed quite the taste buds to distinguish between a good and a great curry... Located in the outskirts of Wokefield park, I wasn't expecting much. But soon as you are welcomed into the great looking place, you can almost taste the aroma of the rich spices. The lamb dish in particular was nothing short of amazing, it really hit the spot. - Trip Advisor

"Great place awesome food"
By far the best curry house in Berkshire. The food is excellent with fantastic presentation & service. I can't say enough good things about this place. - Trip Advisor

Definitely our favourite Indian! We've tried lots of different places and none come close. It's our first takeaway and eating choice! Especially with the excellent Sunday buffet..The restaurant itself is lovely, and the staff are always friendly and talkative! Always makes you feel welcome. The food is amazing, and I couldn't recommend the Cinnamon Tree more. - Trip Advisor

"Excellent Indian cuisine"
Excellent Indian cuisine. Service is very friendly if you order take out and wait for the food they often provide free drink. - Trip Advisor

"Excellent Indian, best in the area by long chalk"
Have eaten here many times with work colleagues and family since it opened a few years back. Owner is very friendly, food is consistently excellent and we are yet to have anything which is anything other than very tasty. The mushroom bajhi side dish is exceptional and our favourite dish. Took some work colleagues there a few days ago and one was surprised by the bill compared to London prices and thought it would be double based on quality and quantity of food. - Trip Advisor

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